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Bonded Warehouse

inside of a warehouse

Bonded Warehouse

A bonded warehouse is used to store imported goods that have yet to clear customs because of outstanding duties. These goods are not allowed to be delivered until all duty fees are settled.

This type of warehouse is heavily regulated by customs authorities and may be owned by the government or private businesses.

Unlike bonded warehouses, free trade zone (FTZ) warehouses can hold both local and imported goods.

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Features of a bonded warehouse

Central management system

The central management system acts as a control and command centre for a bonded warehouse. It consists of a team of supervisors that works from an office situated within the storage facility.

The team oversees all the day-to-day ground operations of the warehouse.

Organised storage system

Bulky goods are often packed onto pallets, before being stored in racks.

Meanwhile, small and loose items are collected and placed inside a single container. The container is then kept alongside the bigger goods.

Space maximisation

A combination of bulk storage and rack storage is utilised to maximise space. Bulk storage refers to the alignment and stacking of pallets of goods on the floor while rack storage refers to the storing of pallets of goods on shelves.

Automated Machines

Automated machines are involved in the collecting, packing and delivering of cargo. This helps to streamline logistical processes and minimise human error.

Advantages of bonded warehouse service

Storage of restricted items

Bonded warehouses can be used to safely store sensitive and restricted items. Essentially, anything from small products to bulky items and irregularly shaped cargo can be kept here.

Tax Savings

Businesses can enjoy tax savings when storing their goods in a bonded warehouse as duties only need to be paid when goods are sent out for delivery.

This means goods that remain unsold can be re-exported with no duties imposed on them.

Able to handle different types of storage

Bonded warehouses have different storage facilities to store all kinds of products.

For example, deep-freeze containers are used to hold perishable goods while temperature-controlled rooms are used to store electronics and automotive products.

On-site modifications

On-site modifications of your stored cargo can be conducted at a bonded warehouse.

This means that you have the freedom to engage in maintenance, testing, labelling, packaging, inspection and grading of your goods if needed.

Secure warehousing

Bonded warehouses are much more secure than other storage facility options as they hire security personnel and have security cameras for 24/7 surveillance.

Factors to consider before renting a bonded warehouse

Are you leasing for the short-term or long-term?

Bonded warehouses are ideal for long-term storage of goods as most of them allow storage of items for up to 4 years or more.

The range of facilities available will also ensure that your goods are well maintained and preserved despite the prolonged storage time.

Does your business specialise in distribution and logistics?

For companies that are not proficient in logistics and delivery, leasing a bonded warehouse would be ideal as they have the expertise and equipment to help you improve your business process.

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