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FCL Container

Full container load (FCL) is a type of sea freight service that involves the shipping of cargo in large metal containers.

In FCL container shipping, all the goods in the container solely belong to one shipper.

Why use sea freight?


Sea freight service is economical, and estimated to cost 5-6 times cheaper than air freight.

Environmentally friendly

Ships are known to be the mode of cargo transport that emits the least amount of greenhouse gases.

This means that sea freight is the most environmentally friendly shipping option available.

Safe and secure

Shipping containers are made of corten steel, a type of weathering steel that is resistant to temperature variations and bad weather conditions. You can rest assured that your cargo will be safe and secure throughout the journey.

Shipping your items via a FCL container may be more cost-effective in some cases. Contact us to learn more about your shipping options.

Difference between FCL and LCL

Less container load (LCL) shipping is an alternative to FCL shipping.

While FCL shipping refers to the usage of one entire container by one shipper, LCL refers to the sharing of a container with other shippers. In LCL, shippers only pay for the amount of space their cargo requires.

Overall, both FCL and LCL have their unique advantages.

Cost of shipping

FCL shipping generally has a flat rate per container whereas the cost for LCL shipping depends on the volume of space needed. Freight forwarders tend to charge cheaper rates for FCL as this shipping method helps them save on time and resources.

However, LCL is more cost-effective when shipping lower volume of goods.

Shipping times

FCL has faster shipping times than LCL.

As LCL shipping involves the sharing of one container with many other shippers, customs clearance will be slower. In the event that any of the shippers submit documents with inaccurate information, the entire shipping container will be delayed.

Level of risk

The risk of your goods being damaged is lower in FCL as you can ensure your cargo is safely packed and palletised before shipping.

For LCL, the risk of your goods being damaged is higher as other shippers may be negligent when packaging their own cargo and cause accidents.

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