LCL Shipment

Stacks of shipping containers at a port

LCL Shipment

Less than Container Load (LCL) shipment is used to transport smaller quantities of goods. It is typically used when the amount of cargo shipped is not enough to fill the full capacity of an ocean container.

In LCL shipment, your goods are consolidated and transported with items from other shippers in the same shipping container.

Factors that affect LCL shipment charges


The longer the distance travelled, the higher the freight charges.

Aside from that, different areas are subjected to differing levels of customs tax and duties, resulting in a variation in LCL shipment rates.

Shipping season

Transporting your items during certain shipping seasons can be more expensive. For example, during the peak shipping season, the demand for freight services is high.

However, due to the limited amount of cargo space, this demand cannot be met, leading higher LCL shipment charges.

Exchange rate

LCL shipment charges will also depend on the currency exchange rate. Shipping fees will be charged based on the rate of exchange at the time of the transaction.

Price of fuel

A drop in fuel prices can result in a fall in the cost of shipping. Likewise, an increase in the cost of fuel will cause a rise in shipping rates.

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LCL shipment procedure

Transfer to port

The LCL container will be transported to the port by the freight forwarder once it has been packed and prepared.

Transportation of goods

At the port of departure, your cargo will be loaded onto a container ship and transported to its destination.

Arrival at destination

Upon arrival, the freight forwarder’s agent will transfer the goods to the warehouse to de-consolidate them into individual LCL shipments.

After this, the consignee can choose to either collect the items at the warehouse or arrange to have them delivered.

LCL vs FCL shipment

LCL Shipment
FCL Shipment
CostLCL shipment charges scale with the amount of cargo space required.

The larger the space occupied by the goods, the higher the cost of shipping.

This can be costly if you are transporting a large volume of items.
Rates for FCL shipment are generally lower as shippers are required to pay a flat fee for the entire container.
Shipping durationThe shipping duration can take 5 – 8 days more than FCL shipment as issues with other items in the container may arise, leading to delays.FCL shipment usually takes a shorter duration to arrive at its destination.
Volume of goods shippedFor LCL shipment, you are paying for the space that you use.

As such, it is more suitable for shipping smaller amounts of goods.
With FCL shipment, you need to ship a large volume of items to fill up a full container load.

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