Sea Freight

Sea freight transporting cargo

Sea Freight

Sea freight, also commonly known as ocean freight, is a shipping method used to transport goods via a sea vessel.

Cargo transported via sea freight is typically consolidated into shipping containers before they are loaded onto the ship and sailed to their destination.

Some advantages of sea freight include its lower shipping cost and smaller environmental impact.

Types of sea freight services

Cargo ship

Full Container Load (FCL)

FCL is a form of freight shipping that is commonly used when you are transporting a large number of goods. It is suitable when the quantity of goods shipped is enough to fill an entire container.


LCL is used when the amount of goods transported is not enough to fill a standard cargo container.

Sea port with containers

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Factors that affect sea freight shipping rates

Price of bunker fuel

Bunker fuel is the fuel used in ships.

Fluctuations in bunker prices can affect the cost of sea freight shipping; rising fuel prices leads to a higher shipping cost. Conversely, a drop in bunker prices can lead to a fall in sea freight charges.

Shipping season

The cost of shipping depends on the season that you are transporting your goods.

In general, transporting goods during the peak shipping season will be considerably more expensive. This is due to the high demand and low supply of cargo space.

Rate of exchange

The rate of currency exchange is another factor that affects the cost of sea freight shipping.

Shipping distance

The further the distance travelled, the higher the freight charges.

Port of destination

Sea freight shipping rates will also be impacted by the shipping destination.

This is because the goods are subjected to custom duties and terminal fees which will vary for different destinations.

Sea freight vs air freight

Sea Freight
Air Freight
SpeedSea freight is a slower mode of transportation – the shipment of goods can take several weeks or months.Air freight is one of the quickest modes of transportation around.

The shipping duration may only require a few days.
CostThe rate of sea freight shipping is relatively cheaper as opposed to air freight.The cost of air freight is considerably more expensive as compared to sea freight.
Type of cargoSea freight is typically used to ship bulky items and cargo in large volumes.Air freight is the preferred method when shipping items in small quantities or goods with a short shelf life.
ReliabilitySea freight is sometimes regarded as a less reliable shipping alternative as issues such as delays do not get resolved as quickly as air freight. Air freight can be more reliable as airlines usually react quickly to problems such as flight delays.
SustainabilitySea freight is one of the most carbon efficient ways to ship your goods.

It leaves a smaller carbon footprint as compared to air freight.
Shipping via air freight leaves a much bigger impact on the environment.

All in all, sea freight is suitable if you are budget conscious and shipping a large volume of goods or bulky items. Additionally, this mode of transportation should be chosen only if you can afford to wait.

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